DIET Dehradun

DIET Dehradun, which stands for District Institute of Education and Training Dehradun, is an educational institution based in Dehradun, India. It is a government-run institute that focuses on teacher training, educational research, and curriculum development. The primary objective of DIET Dehradun is to enhance the quality of education in the region by providing comprehensive training programs for teachers and educational professionals. These programs aim to improve teaching methodologies, classroom management, and educational leadership skills. Additionally, DIET Dehradun often collaborates with other educational bodies to promote innovation and best practices in the field of education, contributing to the overall advancement of the local educational system.

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Apni Virsat (Dehradun) D.El.Ed  student anandam traning Aaganwadi capacity Building Training Material Development workshop STEMS 2023 Science Experiential learning workshop jaunsari digital Educational content