A curriculum is broadly defined as the totality of student experiences that occur in the educational process. It is pivot to teaching and learning and achieving universal inclusive quality education to all.

School education, Uttarakhand has devised its curriculum in the light of NCF 2005 with localised element in global world. It addresses the issues of sustainable economic growth in the state alongwith national development. SCERT has developed curriculum for classes I-VIII alongwith textbook for corresponding classes.

          State has implemented NCERT curriculum and textbooks for classes IX to XII    

          In Uttarakhand curriculum is designed as per the guidelines of National Curriculum Framework 2005. It caters for local need of sustainable economic growth and its socio cultural diversity.

          The syllabus and text books have been developed by SCERT, Uttarakhand for Primary and Secondary Education.

S.C.E.R.T developed curriculum for class I to VII in the light of N.C.F.2005 .

Syllabus for School Education has been developed by this Council -

                                          Syllabus For Classes (I-VIII)

                       S.No.   Subject            Class

                         1.       Hindi         (Class I-VIII)

                         2.       English      (Class I-V)(Class VI-VIII)

                         3.       Maths        (Class I-V)

                          4.      EVS           (Class III-V)

                          5.      Science      (Class VI-VIII)

                          6.      SST           (Class VI-VIII)

Monthly Curriculum Division (Science 6-8)

Balvatika Draft - 1

Balvatika Draft - 2

Balvatika Draft - 3

Balvatika Draft - 4

Balvatika Draft - 5

Balvatika Draft - 6

Balvatika Draft - 7

Balvatika Draft - 8


Refurbished Curriculum 1

Refurbished Curriculum 2

Refurbished Curriculum 3

Refurbished Curriculum 4

Refurbished Curriculum 5

Refurbished Curriculum 6

Refurbished Curriculum 7

Refurbished Curriculum 8

Refurbished Curriculum 9

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